😁😁 because I can!

by limmie

Initial reluctance to go sho far. But then the thought of a good lepak time. I LEFT FOR THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RED DOT.

My dependence on my specs. TOO HIGH.
First time I actually ran home to get it.

Oh yes. TABOO WORD used yesterday during the interview. #shakes head at self

Hope everyone else did well too. Even JR seems tolerable yesterday. #omgjustsaying


okay vent over.

Dinner was pewpew nice.
Less indecisiveness, everybaaaadeh happy. And this Eden likea concerned kaypoh big bro. NO SWEAT! I’m doing better!

And the Teh attempt to enter convo. Good dah try! Great night. Sleepy super tiring this morning. Less crap. Yesterday morning was likea wtfarkingfuck. And tonight, hope I don’t bust the curfewZzzzzzz!






Have fun in hkg mum and Lincoln ! I want my 100kchips !!

And it’s raining.
And it’s gonna feel likea shiokkkk!