I just know we will all be alright.

by limmie

This is not the place to output any vent.

Hot clean haircut on Lampard. That dreamy look from Torres.
I had a good company today, at SUTD and after.
I had so much conversation I have been missing.

Stay strong Ms Ong.
You will do fine Ms Malek.

Meanwhile, I know the best will come soon.
For all these friends around me.
We can put up with everything.
I know how everyone will definitely be there for everyone.
We will be a tanking tank until then.

No idea when, please do not laugh, but I have actually taken to prayers.

(Sorry ken. Sorry jeru. Sorry shimin. We will meet up sometime soon instead.)

I am really tired and it is time for me to really sit back and down.
If only I have the time for everyone.and really, everyone.

Except that one bugger bug. URGH. I don’t want to relive the same misery. Ever fucking ever. URGH.