I’m not tired I’m not.

by limmie

I no longer like taking ‘Alone walks’. It’s the kind of walk that I enjoy taking alone at my own sweet pace. The slower I go, the more thoughts I garner. The worse would be walking by or even worst walking behind couples. Here I am thinking, and here they are, aggrevating my thoughts.

It’s a lonely feel. Having so many friends. But not being able to tell them everything. Different friends with different bits of information. I just feel my happiest spending some time out with them I guess.

What if I wake up one day with a throbbing headache and the news of a Stage 4 braintumour shit ? I can say there has been no regrets right now.

I should stop all these death thoughts. I am no runner. But I know my life should be even better than this. It’s tiring to keep up.

I want to so something. And when I do, I no longer want to do it. Wanting to have all the time in my life. And now when I do, here I am looking for a job. I want to settle all my uni craps and then settle school and then settle my career and then settle finally down. I think that is only when I feel I have succeeded in life.

I feel like I’m only just past the starting mark.
Stop feeling all worn out already Sherilyn !