Keep Bleeding, keep keep bleeding in love, IF THAT MAKES ONE HAPPY.

by limmie

“Wake up your idea”

I just came across another of this One-Liner.
I have to explode here, because I simply find it plain rude.
You have your idea. I have mine. 
Probably a polite manner would be, NO.

OKAY. That is not why I am here.
I have found another 2 comparisons of guys.

The GUY’s guy and the GIRL’s guy.

The former who wants to be heard and have it his way. The latter would hear and have it her way.
In other words, some might call the latter Henpecked.

I finally understood why mummy can go on and on about past stuffs each time something happens. Because her problems were never addressed or fix. There was no ‘Yeap we have come to a conclusion and we are done with this.’ I don’t want to meet another Daddy’s-style.

The birthday mini celebration ended off pretty nicely.
But the entire day was not so nice.

I have thought so much that I can write a love novel. Or the Book of Many Conceptions.
I have already created this perfect guy, not image, but character in my head over the past few months.

You know, there’s so many signs pointing at the window for me. But I simply am refusing to acknowledge them.

I have proven to myself Love is Blind.