Charlee or Charlie

by limmie

I grew up w books. Loads of them. Even my siblings would call me a nerd. And when there wasn’t books, there would be canes and assessment books. (Yes, more books.) (Do not mistake this for complains. I appreciated them after the years.. I really do enjoy studying so much right up to this point. NOW.) (Okay that NOW is a bad joke.)

So. Life started for me towards the Os. Definitely a wrong moment but.


Right now, I can hardly control it. I don”t know how I should be steering towards a balance-r life.

Some weeks I spend the entire time with my friends.
Some weeks I spend the entire time with my family.

There’s this love-hate relationship with my home.
I am starting to enjoy the lepak-stay@home-movie-books-bake life.
But too long of this (8 hours max) and I am ready to whine, I AM BORED.

On days I go out, I sometimes whine in my head, I SHOULD BE HOME WATCHING HIMYM.
On days I am at home, I would be whining for any possibility to be out.

What is this Sherilyn?
What is this?

OKAY I have been reading Fault in our Stars.
It is making me think about life as a cancer patient, and more importantly as a survivor.

If I ever have the future energy to continue this.

I need to understand this, for this time being.
The above sentence sounds weird leh.
Pardon the LEH.