Ready Time. Get set, I will not GO alone.

by limmie


Sobered up. Again!

It is ridiculous how cheesed off yesterday felt. I am thinking either we care so much about each other’s words, or. I don’t wish to spell out the OR-part.

BREATHED. Nothing feels right still.
But I have no wish to be the stalker-pusher who cannot gives space.
I do wish to have someone to talk about this with.
But there ain’t a person who will understand the complications fighting within me.

Dad made a nice statement today.
(PFFFT, recent spates and issues with Dad have been emerging. The guilt and then the pissy-ness have been growing.)

I shall not go on, else the more I do, the harder things might end up.
NOOOO, this is not another sad post. Just one that I feel, Sherilyn will really chill with time, relax in the wide wide wideeee corner, and wait till there actually will be a “ready” time.

I just wished this wasn’t the way we choose to deal with it. Ignorance and running away and simply ignoring. It’s so hard to make Understandings.

I disapprove regrets and hates it even more when regrets are made on me.
AWAKE. And it is time to celebrate the last day of this cheena new year. One more last visiting, I guess!


Sherururu Smiles

Sherururu Smiles