URGH. I don’t have deer big blue eyes, SO I AM LIKEABLE. No I am just sprouting crap.

by limmie

I don’t believe thissssssssssssss.
I cannot.

Typing this out from a IDKHOWMANYINCH Teevee.

Okay that’s not the unbelievable part.
But my 3 day chalet probably.

I hear a side of disapproval from myself.
But the disapproval is just a tiny little thingy hidden far far away, that is probably until I am left alone. To ponder on WHAT AM I DOING AND WHY.

Woke the morning up with nice hugs and the spoiler Instagram.
Filled w Vday presents and declarations.
Makes me feel a little sad.
But there hasnt been any expectations.
Not expecting anything in the longer run either.



I chose this.

Okay. But I did have a lovely time.

But that’s till the Saturday’s over.

Then the fret to get my applications.
And find my next step of life.
Poly’s definitely WHYYOUGONESOFAST over in two months.