My decisions to be made can wait for a couple more weeks.

by limmie

It’s been ages since I felt this, peaceful.

Peacefully happy.
Peacefully in love.

A good family day.
A chilling chat w the D and J.
Studies and reports clearing up.
Grocery shopping w the B.
(Yes, my all time favourite’s shopping in supermarkets)

I would say, at this point of time, there’s no regret in my life.

Was talking to Darrell bout how we should go up to our parents and tell them the Three words.

Funny thing happen next was hearing my parents discussing over how “I love you” matters more than “love you”.

It’s the same in my world. Because the “I” is always so hard to fit in in any sentences!

For the record, I have not built up the courage to give them a hug and say those words.

Probably soon.

Right now, my brother needs to get shooed off my bed. 1.57AM, five hours of sleep left!!