L is for the way you look at me!

by limmie

I had the worst dream this morning.
Slept at 3 after hanging the clothes (after like centuries) and then scare myself stiff thinking I saw a figure.

Chiooooooooooooooong to bed.
And up I was at 7.30.

Scrammed to my mum’s bed. TROLOLOLOL In tears.
I finally fell back asleep at 9. Had a long talk (More like hear my mum talk) with mum.ย 
Twenty years of love? Is this what it feels like?

But it was time to get up at 915 and spend probably the second last time ever at the library with the fag.

Sounds sad.
But. MEH, on a happy thought, it was a time well spent, STUDYING.
The thought of missing this and him, I CAN’T EVEN.

breathe. and OKAY.

Minus loads of CNY festive feeling.
The late night shoppings.
The last minute ย trip to malls at night.
The reunion dinner plans.

In one week will be an end of a journey, a beginning of a new start.
No school work to worry for in a while.
I am feeing the emptyness already.

REPORT. Few more stuffs left.

I want to go prawning.
The sudden feel.



You guys most probably won’t ever see this, ever, but this pangseh feeling doesn’t feel nice. Glad to see a happy shot of you, Leonard, Jake and HEEHEE Ryan.

-okay I can’t keep talking to myself like this-