My hum. My run.

by limmie

The one who walks away at your pit-falling moment. Offering no help up. Just harsh words and the walk away.

Should the fallen get back up and chase, or just stare dejectedly as the figure grows smaller and fall deeper into her hole?

It is so much more easier to stay on the ground and look on.
I am already gathering the strength in my feet to push up front and sprint.
But it is very tiring to catch up.

Will he continue walking and never look back, or stop and pause, and look back for a chance that she can make it herself?

That’s her thought during her run.

Is this the way to get me up and moving?
This softness in me. There always too much room to offer help and smiles. I can never run them out for anyone. But supplying them to myself is tedious.

I sing the sunshine song to myself each time I attempt to think bad.
I am feeling like Pat People.

A hum to a bad thought.
Will this be running away from or facing it?