He who is afraid of tickles and says everyone does too.

by limmie

I’ve been trying to understand how some people think. (NOTE plural)

SAYING A : Some rather stay single because they don’t want to give their everything and then ending up with nothing.
Argument 1 : You can’t get anything if you don’t fight for it. So the fear needs to be gone.
Argument 2 : You don’t want to get hurt. It take a long time to heal. But the fear needs to be done else you still won’t get anything.

SAYING B : Some want the marriage but cannot make sacrifices.
Argument 1 : That the selfish way of wanting something but not treasuring it. The ship will capsize.
Argument 2 : You want to live life but you cannot find a way to fit your loved one/s in. The ship will hold on until it has to capsize.

I am too tired to further argue with myself.
Alex and his cpf and his houses triggered all these internal thoughts, WHICH SHOULD HAVE STAYED INTERNALLY INTERNAL.

But, today was full of smiles from 9-6.
Feels like a best movie friend I have found, but sadly cannot keep.
He “kept the conversations going”. My bus rides home are usually filled with laughter. Childishly mature actually. And I guess my lame-ness needs to be eliminated immediately.That is until we part and then I solemnly go home to ‘unspoken words of unhappiness’ where tolerance of each other are usually quite low.

I have yet to have the time to sit.
And think logically, or in OTHER(s’) words, REALISTICALLY.

So in conclusion, I have been dreaming too much.
But the real ponder that led to my pondersss.

Someone in a 2 year relationship can even think of the possibility of staying a singleton.

Is there really no other guys out there WITHOUT this thought?
Or maybe that is their way of thinking like a grown up? Assessing all possible possibilities.

But it still does not feel alright in what-so-ever ways.
Goodbye, with a sulk. 

Argument 1 : I’m greedy.
Argument 2 : I’m still not wise.
Argument 3 : Both.

-ends off with a question mark here-