Working makes me stop thinking

by limmie

I was staring into some space during lunch.

And then the one thing I have been dwelling on so much recently. (Maybe not so recent anymore because I am just ‘resigned to this’ recently)

As I was saying. Yeah. This actually is a good thing.
There’s no needing of texting so much.
There’s no needing of constant updates.
There’s no needing of feeling awfully missed.

I cannot picture my future right now.
But these last few months, before Uni before all the NSes, so there will be time for everyone and everything then.

I’m not gonna push anymore.
I’m not gonna whine about it anymore.

On some days I may feel ignored and forgotten. 
But, it’s not gonna heavy-scale affect me and my mood swings anymore.

He’s happy like this.
Imma be happy too.


Work talk.

I am finishing work.
Minus the final report. KEN YES PLEASE HELP.
No idea what is keeping me from going out in the weekends though. Pretty much miss the gang ahhhhhhhzzz. I need movies for sure.

And about movies.
Close to watching one everyday during break. (Yeap, I have watched so many uncompleted movies, cause usually the beginnings are the best.)
Definitely getting harrassed at work. TWO MORE WEEKS. So gonna miss this poker beside me.

I am done with staring into space, for now.
Work time. Which is, Keying Namecards.