I believe I will fly eventually.

by limmie

Can’t roll on my bed.
My legs ache. Yatta, the run was possible yesterday and it shall be too tomorrow.

However. My head. Filled with undone with. Have been using company time to do school work. Let’s list it down for my eyes.

HF + Presenting = Friday
Final + Presenting = Next Friday + Perhaps Two Fridays later

China Research
Porters Diagram
Outreach Research
Secure and Print the booklets
Stock check one last time

Oh yes. My interim is still unsubmitted. Ha Ha.

Of all the people to be talking w me tonight. No idea if It’s a good or bad deal to have CG in my team, for my last presentation, or group work.
It does bring back a lot of memories
It’s too late to regret. I’m very sure I’ve not been a good group mate until recently. Especially FAT and AS. No IFs.

So this one last project will be a successful one. The As will be the tribute to the three groupmates who ever stayed with me, and tolerated my slack work, and yet again accepted me in their group.

Thankful it did not have any adverse effect on their grade. But I’m pretty sure mine was. Which lecturer will not be able to tell if their student knows their facts or not?

This time. No mistake. Final 4.0 at stake. For the first time, there’s actual belief.