The importance of goodnight. To me, at least.

by limmie

These few nights of chat w the darrell is making me a more chilled person. #insertwindybreeze
Thinking less.
Less mindful.
And yes, WHATEVER.

Life feels more of a balance now. There IS time for everyone and everything.
I am sick of school work. But I am pretty sure I will be missing all these in probably three months time.

So yes, I get a GOODNIGHT and here I am alone. When I should be dating my Weekly Report. (THANKS TO LINCOLN’S REMINDER)
But no. I am back here thinking of what the past few months has been.
I thought school work wouldn’t take a toll on us.

GOODNIGHT in 30 minutes.
Wordpress gets another of my goodnight at least. My day feels complete. There was someone to hear my crap and rant with me.

I don’t like rude people.
Not saying goodnight to me is like telling me Bye.
Makes sense.

Day six.
I am getting a better control of my head.