Turkey, Mistletoe and Chocolate Cakes.

by limmie

I love Christmas in the snow. But Christmas in the sands will do too.
All the Christmas songs in my playlist.

That’s a song.
Yes, i am in hyper mood.

One mistake this Christmas- Piling up all my assignments to clear before Christmas.
One excuse to why I can’t get everyone proper presents.

I had a nice long list.
I did not have a nice long time.
Meimei got sth small.
Mummy liked her bag though.
Brother went to choose his gift with me.
Papa accepts everything.

EVERYONE ELSE. Me and my bad gift choices.
Even the baking done on the Eve was pretty rushed.
I wished I had gotten everyone else something different.
But at least Christmas was another memorable one.

I woke up with that throbbing headache.
And then I left my heart to rest.
The day passed on fine.
I didn’t need to wordpress.
Last year we all went to try the club for the first time.
This year we all had simple drinks and meat for a cozier night. There was family, there were friends. What other better both worlds could I not feel appreciative for?


OH WELL. New Year Eve’s in a few days.
After the countdown comes a bigger countdown till school ends.
The Uni fairs.
I still have not decided- What goes on in 2013?

My head hurts when I start thinking.
I feel much better IN THIS STATE.
But it feels like this is an evasive avoiding state.
I am definitely not facing up to anything.
But it’s a happier one day at a time.