I hearts Christmas.

by limmie

There are like so many loopholes in this WordPress.
Each time some grouchy moody Sherilyn happens, the whole WordPress knows about it.
But each time I get a happy occasion, I selfishly keep it in my book.

The world is not going to end today.
But the year is.
Because I have the time to do so, I shall.

I love you Daddy for being so tolerant with me. Always making sure I have the best in life. You try your best.
I love you Mummy for nagging at me. I know you want me to excel into some great woman. Your overwhelming concern, does pushes me forward sometimes.
I love you Brother for being an evil person at times, but a very caring one at critical moments.
I love you Sister for being the bigger sister I should be.

The friends shall receive from me soon. Because it is Christmas in 4 days!! SO FASTTT. Shopping needs to be done!!

But one last person who appeared in my life this year and made such an impact,
I love you fag. You have no idea how much you’re changing my life. The happiness, the sadness and the rages. Doesn’t matter as long as you don’t surrender on me!

—-me and my chou zui ba and tou nao last night——
One day to Tok’s day too!