The Post for Batman which started off with some digressions. OPPPPPPSEH.

by limmie

I’m thinking, When should I get the Silver Lining Playbook? I spent my time reading one chapter at Popular.
I can’t wait for the movies to be out I guess. And speaking of movies, I am so in the movies mood.

I’ve been thinking way much, calmly.
My migraine has been coping well on its own.
I’ve been talking to myself a lot to calm my head down.

And then I decided. I’m not going to fuss my brains.
There’s now way we are going to get together so easily.
There’s so many reasons that’s holding us back.
I have to accept this.

It feels like a relationship when it’s just us two.
And then it doesn’t at other times.
Or this is what being, “Not Exclusive” like?
It’s like we are together and then we aren’t. But with so much love flowing around.

I’m gonna take this as it is. And enjoy any moments that I have.
It’s sounding like some sad sob.
But, guess there are other priorities in his life.
While he has thought seriously about his future, I am in no position to get in any way. Because mine is definitely a blur, until right now.

No, but this wasn’t this post’s point.
I have a huge shoutout for my desk buddy.

Every single working day starts of with a pleasant sight of Alex at his desk.
The time to get serious, we both stays out of each other’s way. Feels like there’s this invisible mutual agreement.
The time to take a sudden break, we both would stop to do some rubbish. (YEAH, there’s this guy and his 4 kids video which made me awwwwwwwwwwwww through the entire clip. Random, sudden random thought)

Today, I wanna thank him for… CUTTING MY SKIRT THREADDDDD.
No joke, tiny actions, I actually felt touched.

The start of intern was my seemingly rougher period.
Thanks to his i-dont-care-but-you-better-cheer-up actions, HOHOHO, 14 weeks and surviving!
Many times I’ve said this but, I AM SUPER THANKFUL I HAVE HIM AS MY DESK BUDDY.
He pokes he nudges he spins my chair he washes my cup he makes me tea and then he fills me in with random facts, forever saving me from my job. He brings so much crap into my everyday life his mouth can’t shut his profound rubbishes. WHO PULLS MY HAIR BAND MANNNN. WHO TRIPS ME AT BUSSTOPS. It’s like 8 more weeks of work left, minus the daily teabags, I will definitely be missing this presence like the rotten cookie. And wafer soon.

This sappy post was generated because I feel bad having pangseh-ed him on 3 occasions at work, including tomorrow. I am feeling bad because I know how losssst I will feel if he doesn’t turn up for work for any one day!!

MY BAD ALEX. Subway alone tomorrow.