No, one does not act unfillial-ly.

by limmie

It is going to be wrong of me to cause fightings and arguing over my plan.
I don’t know why something so simple can blow up huge.
I wish to know why everything I do seems to bring an irk to your face.

it’s 2pm, my feet are asking me for a jog. and a run. and best if there would be a lost dog behind me.
Unlike you though, I have a wish to stop running.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. A 19-year old kid who is still learning how to face her family woes.
Falling straight and narrow likea broken arrow.
I can’t stop singing in my head.

And watching RM but it’s not making me any gleeful. Because of her snide sarcastic remarks that has been playing.
My eyes are smaller then Seung Ri’s.
And of all places, here I am talking to myself. And I can’t stop.
And grrrrrrrrrrrrr. The urge to do a swim has arrived.