Open your mouth and you will get what you want. No, I am not referring to any tongues.

by limmie

Who the hell can cry anywhere and everywhere?

I am uber grateful of having had jeru over yesterday. It helped to take things off my head.
I have never been so in love.

Using the word I had so much difficulty with since forever.
Timely song on the radio of One More Night. I hate nights that end of sadly. Neither of us probably get a good sleep. At least for me..

I feel really really really vulnerable with all these strong feelings.
The daily happy sherilyn, what is happening to you?

This is supposed to be the best moments in life. 
So perhaps, I ought to stop thinking. Like right now.

But I really want to know what is going on in his head too.
I just don’t have the initiative to ask, do I?