Last post on this Spamful Monday.

by limmie

I found that Dreamy post. 25 July was that dejavu dream.
The bus rides that I look forward to every morning. That was how it felt like.

No I am not regretful I changed WordPress’ site link.
I cannot imagine the Ben reading more about himself. And more of my recent explosions I sent him. Bad kid I have been. But I DO know why I haz been feeling that way.
But ENOUGH if these Sherilyn!!

I have spent close to 2 hours reading about my year.
Because I cannot imagine (Still) having any of my love returned.
It is nearing the end of 2012, and never would I have imagined that one year later, here sits me, a smiley sherilyn.

I can somewhat feel unnessary pressure easing off.
I made Brother snap at me yesterday.
I didn’t talk much to the sister who came to meet me yesterday.
And I .. okay enough of what I had done.

Itz 1608 and YES. High and jumpy.
The Monday feels good without ‘much people around’ TEEHEE.

Before I start yakking mushy stuffs out here because of what I am currently thinking.

Sherilyn, be a good girl ah.
*pushes away all thoughts of wanting his hug every night*

Feeling, Definitely Feeling Alive as of now!!