HO oh oh. In 5 days comes the precious month of the year.

by limmie

Flashback to my -probably 3- previous posts. HOW ON EARTH DID I SOUND SO, so like unlikea Sherilyn.
Burning too much Red.

When my head starts floating elsewhere, everything is cool. Cool internally. No screams.

I talk to much ouch ouch!
Without it it it it it!
I never knew I was trouble trouble trouble.
He’s not the reason why I’m drowning ning ning ning.

My playlist is too cozyily small.
Shame on me.
No, all these random inserts phrases are random songs playing in my head.

No trouble trouble trouble trouble.
It is that boreedddd today.
But I am still di-farking-gressing away from my interim.

poke poke poke.
I have 3 weeks to do this and qsmm.

But there’s not.

Dear Santa,
I want an organizer to come with my organizer book next year.
I want a real comfortable dinosaur blanket. Mine’s too small already.
I want a huge Barbie Play Pen.
I want an A for this module of mine most.

No, I want another perfect Christmas Celebration more!
Why is this my most favourited season ever?!
Maybe because I get to do what I do best – G I V E.
And then enjoy the process of killing myself trying to figure a present out and then waiting for Boxing day to rip it open.

A list of 20 presents to prepare.