Rihanna don’t want to do this anymore, But I AM NOT A GIVER-UPPER.

by limmie

I am so upset that I do not seem to be an understanding person.

Woke up to loud music. To drown off words that I didn’t wish to hear. I started jumping about the house singing. And so I thought about how long my-Friday-to-be has been missed. The feel wasn’t like before, because of a certain someone who really stays in my head for close to the hours that I am awake. Even now so.

No. I am going to dance my ass off on Friday.
To celebrate the Napfa that I somewhat believe I can conquer.

No. I am not going to dance my night and forget about that certain someone.
But somehow, the more I have been opening up my super inner thoughts to him recently, I just feel rejected.

It was actually cute that he thought of how leaving his place in my ‘clubby attire’ would not be a good thing. Agreeing on that, but only IF it was something inappropriate. Note the BUT.

I really thought we could speak to each other about everything. But I guess some things has to be kept to within one’s head. While others should be spoken out to allow better understanding.

It can get hurtful loving someone, but not knowing on what ground are we standing on.
I cannot hardly concentrate on any work when my emotions starts jumping about.
My interim is going to kill me.

The more I want my first love to be my last love.
The more I am in a blank if that’s what he want to.

And I can’t say such things out loud.
Feeling like a hopeless romantic who is clueless about love and what not.

Cupid please strike me hard in my butt for this once.