It was yummy while it lasted.

by limmie

I guess it was all the readings that I had previously done.
I was expecting my heart to jump out of my mouth. Or my heart to be screaming in excitement.
Noooo, Do not get me wrong first. It felt nice, After. When my head started straying and could not stop thinking about it, and everything.

And because I am soooooooooooooo confused. The books lied. All I could think then was, so this is how he feels like, physically.

Perhaps I am such a late bloomer that I don’t these rules.
But speaking my mind after, and hearing his response, just makes me feel like one clueless bum who shouldn’t be saying such things out.

Google is equally useless.
And who-how-what can I actually turn to in the field.
I am cluelessly useless in this end of the world.