Is it called Lucid dreams?

by limmie

It suddenly sprang on me that this familiar felt occurred in my dream before.

No, I doubt I will not have the time to backpage my Archives. (Having typed this, I think I may actually do so.)

I was swinging about in my chair. Day dreaming. When I just went OH. (Does this ever occur to anyone out there?)

I recalled my bus dream where I felt so attached that I never wanted to leave this unknown person.
THIS SAME FEELING OCCURRED TODAY. It felt strangely welcoming.

*Cues omggggggggggg*

My weekend was cooooooooooly good. Good in a very good way.
My bus ride this morning was a comfort. I was actually starting to think I was a behind-the-phone kind of person. But guess not after all. The 3 sentence of apology just played in my head last night, I couldn’t sleep.

But other words came out this morning instead. (But still along the line.)
Nope, definitely never imagine that one year from last year, I would be such a happy person in this red field.


Wish I can just spring a surprise hug on D and L. They really make me feel like a happy friend.
And an even longer hug on B.