Thinks unwell people thing.

by limmie

i – f e e l – s o – l i s t l e s s .

And tired. drowsy. sleepy. yawny.
I have to use this word afterall- D e a d.

Definitely running a temperature right now.
My nose can’t shut-up.
My ears are semi-blocked.

Doctor, I need a doctor, I am about to lose my mind.
Which I did last night.

Things unwell people do:
1) Make Bad decisions (Pink!’s song plays, but that’s alright, welcome toooo my silly life)
– Endanger life and go for riding lessons at night
– Risk sleep and still got for work the next day
– Turn up for work not knowing if IT’S GOOD TO SHOW YOUR ATTENDANCE but risk SPREADING TO EVERYONE (Positive I caught my flu bug HERE first)
– Choose to see the guy you love for that less than an hour and then trying as best as you can to not stick close to him

2) Feel that everyone looks hostile
– Opened the door, some woman – a colleague- was exiting, I was entering, I SMILED, she looked elsewhere
– Press the lift buttons for people, everyone just walks out
– Turns (CAUSE I AM A CURIOUS HUMAN BEING) to whoever who walks past my desk and SMILE, mostly ignored, else asked WHAT’S WRONG. (Okay, that was just once)

3) Cause a hoo-ha at home.
– no one wants to pay for the medical fees
– fighting ensues
– Do I even want to see the Doctor with these Guilty money now?

4) Think about staying at home and rolling about the bed for that 24 hours and wonder WHY did I not spend my weekend at home sleeping instead?

Time to blow my nose hard.
It is HORRIBLE deciding whether to WALK OUT and blow or heck and just blow disgustingly right here right now. Sounds tempting.