Morning counts.

by limmie

The office is filled with oreos smell.
No, I’m not the one munching on them. Not me those at least.
I’ve one more Yam pau stuck in my bag. Fulled from lunch. A lunch that I was hesitant to go for.
Because I have them buns in my bag.

Hohoho. Been lacking the typing juice to type. BUT well so anyway. Happy person here. After all those company dramas that I have been complaining about last week. It’s Monday and A brand new week AND I AM SO HAPPY.

That was random.
Let’s say Movies and Food and Friends and this one Guy Friend fireworked my overspent weekend?

— Long pause. The Desk Buddy just recoiled. Think he uncapped his tumbler and smacked his head. *INSERT LAUGHS* #Picturemylaugh—-

So thursday was go-home-eat-prata-day where I did mindless nothing. And then sulk with not getting to know or mingle my colleagues well. Met Shaoyang on the bus where his intern life, ENVY K.
OH WELL. I chose this. Accepting this. And I will enjoy this somehow, my way, my style *insert horseyjump*

HEEHEE AND Ate myself full w D on Friday at Javiers’. Cool restaurant concept! Quite like it, but we definitely could have shared a plate! Long talks, never ending, even till when the train stopped at Yishun. EEEEEE PARTING HUG AND I WAS VERY REMINDED OF AUSSIE TERMINAL BYE DAY. The one goodbye picture that I like. Think I uploaded that up. No I cannot bear to see it now.

Saturday with Lincoln and Yingcong and Ben! The Sleeper, the blurer and the whiner!
The food was MEH. JUST THE CREAM PUFF WAS YAY. And then LOOPER WAS SO GOOD. Draggy long, but I ain’t complaining. Because there was Joseph Gordon Levitt and Ben.
For the start, I was lost with what was happening. Then the movie pieced nicely together. Coooool storyline.
And then the long bus ride back. AND MY TALL DONALD DUCK IS MISSING, GONE. PFFT.

Sunday was another early day! (YEAH, mum and dad was surprised I was home ‘early’ on both days)
The initial plan was scrapped, after many HARD ORGANISERRRR TEXTINGS, we settled with perks of a Wallflower. ANOTHER NICE BUT LONG MOVIE. (Both were close to 2 hours) Long lunch with the GANG. Long train ride home with them. It did feel like old times. NS has really start to feel like a regular thing. (It is but.) And lucky Teh and his 24 days in Queensland coming up.

But Emma watson was scary. Her Granger character seems to be stuck on her, in my head at least.
And the Patrick Character guy was just a real cooooool fag. Not an insult.

The weekend really just flew past LIKE THIS.
But it was well spent.
Even spent last night / MORNING watching the Felix daredevil jump with the family.

Three enjoyable meals.
Two really GOOD NO KIDDING UNIQUE movie.
My pay ain’t in.
My money’s still owed.
Four days of meals left.
And one Ajisen Ramen with the long lost Shimin later on.

or work. yet. at least.
Conluding with a Mildly productive day.
And a cheery morning bus ride with that fag.
And the alex-who-blames-the-breakfast-that-causes-time-to-speed-up-today.

#TP IN FOUR DAYS. YELP. GULP. Need all the luck and my skill to appear then. Two hours is all I need to, AHEM, S h i n e. HEEHEE.