The little firework in me waiting to sprinkle out.

by limmie

TOld D and Lincoln our group needed to be a LETZ CHEER UP AND SEE THE SUN.

It is verrrrrry depressing waking up early in the morning and only getting to go home when the Sun starts to set.

It even more depressing when you’re so tired you get all so tongue tied texting people you’ve been thinking about the whole day and only finally getting to talk to at the end of the day.

How come It’s October already and I’m still not awake?

Mega upset rage this afternoon.
Felt so unappreciated. No, I’m not going to taint here and continue this.

Alex said this was stage one to recognising I am having issues/depression/feeling like crap.


Why now.
I just want to sleep.
And continue my work tomorrow.
It felt great to be praised for once. And not getting rejected to redo.

Taylor swift agrees that I’m Burning Red too now.