GLOWING – that’s what I make myself believe.

by limmie

That Empty feeling James described.

I feel that too. Sometimes. Usually after work. Or when I have nothing to do during the nights. It has not really come back to me these past weekends. But mostly during the weekdays. Sounds like I am serving the country too. With this measly allowance  that is comparable to theirs.

The family trip should probably be ruined with my intern weekends getting clashed with brother’s saturday getting eaten up with flying. Lucky him. Screwed up me. And that Saturday night out w James and Lokshing. Making me doubtful signing up. There’s the talk next weekend. Hope it clears my head up. What else do I possibly want to do other than travel?

And dad constant reminder that I would be happier as a singleton if I choose that travel lifestyle.
Thing is I am just stuffing my fist in my mouth, not wanting to admit to everyone that there is that someone in my life right now that is spinning me in rounds of whirlwind.

But I am not even sure that I like it like this now.
No. Maybe I am not.
Because when I have to start thinking of this.

It feels like we are moving forward. And then we aren’t.