If you can wait till I get . #impatientsherilyncanstartsuckingthumb

by limmie

I’ve got ten minutes to pen all these out.

Wise Mum Cheong once said, Intern’s the time where you really see your friends emerging.

Though I hardly get to see her these few mornings, I’ve been securing my place for that trip. Every night, every morning, it just gets messy at home.

Had a fivesome dinner w my classmates.
Who knew what gurus a couple of them can be.
okay. Not going to comment on the one that I have started to really dislike. ( I tried my best to be nice already. I need to learn how to be ‘hard hearted’ like Batman.)
YL was unexpectedly a conversational person .

No matter how straight forward ShawnKo is. Capital Sigh.
He’s like a CG. (he can never see this. Must never. LOL)
They’re nice to their friends. And on the other extreme side to un-friends. REAL EXTREMISM.

But my long, very super long pukeable bus ride w him. He can sound as emo as he look, as serious as he don’t look, as straightforward as how ignorant he can look.

So I’m stuck in my dilemma of how my weekend is going to pen out.
WHOOP YEAH, ONE MONTH DOOOOOOOOWN – and still working on similar projects.

I dont want to grow a year older yet.
Keep calm andddddd fuck.
*some fag needs to chillllllll*
Making me feel panicky for him also. Pffft.

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