Two cents Pet Thoughts. #clean

by limmie

Munching on my cornflake, flake by flake. It’s 1212 and I am just done with the Uni Research.
Okay, a proper insight of my job scope.

1) Youth Outreach Researches
2) Philippines Industry Research (I am very stuck with this. I have little clue on what I am reading. It feels soooo Business-y)
3) Universities Scholarships/Sponsorships List (It sounds so easy but infomations lie all over the place and official websites are even not updated UPDATED. There’s like mini little links which one has to dig all over the place. Make it feel like – HEY YOU WANT THE FUND, YOU HAVE TO TREASURE HUNT FOR IT.)

Just Saying.

But no, there’s this lingering thought on my mind as I was doing my research the whole morning.
(I hope #3 can be already crossed out. I am actually clear of what I can Postgraduatedly do.)

Twitter timeline was about how cats are evil and there was a WordPress post about nasty cats.

I guess cats to these people are like dogs to me.
Grew up hearing stories about Dad and his dogs.
Grew up watching dramas about people losing their dogs and mourning for ages.
Grew up wanting a dog.

But I ended up w many Fishes. (Fish that ate their eggs. Eggs that never hatched. Fish that I never dared touched. Fish that was eventually released into THAT monsoon drain by the MRT track.)
And I ended up walking by cats on the streets.
And by 5, I got bitten by a dog.

Here was the deal. I was EXCITED to finally see a dog at Aunt Number 1’s house.
But I was still scared to touch it.
I remember climbing up this chair with holes at the bottom, the liney-rubbery-leg can drop through-kind of chair. And it bit me. Knee and Butt.
The next thing I actually remembered was crying with this huge Lollipop in my hand. (I have this soft spot for this type of Lollipops still. The mega huge real wooden stick type.)

Then another time at SPCA.
Cats just laid lazily around. I could just poke it. It might scowl. It tried to poke back. How can that hurt?
I was ready to put all fear aside for them individually caged dogs. It didnt give me a chance.
Imagine my horror of entering its cage, with locked doors behind me, HOW COULD I HAVE ESCAPED.

So I stepped in, it growled, I exited.

No way can I get rabbits. They are mega dirty creatures. (And how to face them having eaten their kin.)
Grandma neighbours used to have them, all locked in cages with water only and them growling long black nails.

Worse still hamsters. They reproduce like fireworks and one peed on my hands. #Grudge

Birds. I can’t let it fly about my room. It’s droppings will just remind me of one that landed on Dad’s head years back. #LessGrudgeMoreFear

Maybe by getting a cat, it can tame my dream dog?

Random thoughts, but this WordPress need a new link.