Moving on every year.

by limmie

This should be the week I returned from Chengdu last year?
Moving on.

Two semesters past.
I left for and got back from another School Trip.
Moving on.

I am a Senior in my last semster, serving internship.
Moving on.

I am constantly thinking of where what when how I can move on.

I think the need to move on is scary.
I think the thought of moving on is even more scarier.

But there’s always the optimistic solution.

Use Google.

Okay, I am a google nerd. HAVE been a google geek ever since internship start. ITS THE SOURCE OF MY RELIEF. Wrong choice of phrase. But, the gist is there. GEEEZ.

Step 1. Plan
Step 2. It’s okay to keep the happy thoughts and memories and all the rainbows and butterflies. But thinking too much about just makes you miss everything so much. SHERILYN YOU HAVE TO LOOK FORWARD.
Step 3. Enjoy the seconds ticking by now.
Step 4. Don’t overkill and think too far much ahead. Maybe think far but not too far. Afterall, a budget a goal an achievement needs to be targetted. Knowing how easily I pressurize myself, KEEP REALISTICITY. (new word)
Step 5. It is okay to have a mix of feelings along the way. My emotions takes ages to adjust. Too much positivity kills me. Lack of negativity will just increase my unbelievment (new word again)  and throw me off my optimism road.

Not bad. I’ve just levelled myself up!