Stranded at Seletar and wishing for some sports car to swoop me up. A girl can dream. #note #girl

by limmie This sounds legit. Spent my qualityful dinner w Adeline today. Spent qualityful time doing up this one qualityful paper. #realpatontheback Spent qualityful time laughing in the office. Spent a horribly embarrassing moment of shyness. That guy w that accent actually made me trip over my words. Like WHUT. SINCE WHEN SUCH THINGS HAPPEN TO ME. I’m happily tired today! To be Robin instead tomorrow! And more love than hate going around! Even though my hair comments made me so self conscious today. Alex who started this nicely put an end to my fear. Maybe he couldn’t stand my panic fear. But this Ben and YF and even ZY cannot stop. Ben really deserves spankings. And I am nearing the end of 50shades. Sheeeeeeeet. The dilemma to get the next one. THE FEELING FEELS SO REAL LIKE YEAH, THAT’S HOW THE GIRL THINKS.