Same ol’ tirey feel. No matter how new the month is. IMMA GET OVER AND BE DONE W ALL OF YOU PROPERLY. IF OT IS WHAT I NEED, IT HAZ TO BE IT. PFFT.

by limmie

And Alex had to agree this colour makes me look like I’m balding. No joke I actually used Grey on my head.

Moreover. We took turns applying it on my head.

Why must them two come to me when work was ending.
Why did WI itchy feet approached all three of them.
Right. The least I could do for being such a job ass.

Dinner. And I need sleep.
I need more 23 minutes of clearing.

Yet-another-thank-you-Alex-for-trying-to-make-my-day-better with more bbbbbbitchy rants than me.

Itz actually October already.
And I think I have to give Octoberfest another miss.

I need to be Alfred and transport myself home on the bat mobile.

I actually attempted to hold my burp today. More than minutes. It felt so suffocating. I ended up mass burping for a long time. And affecting the desk buddy to break into it too.

*burp off* I’m happy now.