It just takes one to play a neutral game.

by limmie


So drained.
While others fapfapfap, I shopshopshop. Dad’s busy counting the receipt and the last I heard, we crossed the 1k mark. He haz not stopped.

Spent the Sunday w just dad and mum. Eat and eat and . Okay moo.cake was the highlight today. I think Itz a 2 weeks stock for us. FOURTEEN. and dad mentioned, Manageable laa.

Mooncake festival last night was quieter than usual. With just the family. SIGH. I really can have an argument with Mum ANYWHERE. Horrible mid hours. But. Nothing’s ever resolved w her. We just keep them trouble hanging. And then picking them up some other time to argue again. PFFFFT.
Hearing other celebrating w their extended family makes me miss when Ahma was ever around. Now, everyone’s just minding their own family business. It just feels like one broken big family. WHERE IZ THE WARM HUGE MOONCAKE FESTIVAL WARMTH!?!
I miss it.

Us usual groups of friends gg down to burn candles and trees and leaves, tonight maybe hopefully? Definitely not being as tight as we were before. BUT NEXT WEEK HAZ BETTER HAPPEN. I really wonder how happening haz happening been for them these past weeks. Heehee.

Okay. Wish me luck.
Self dye pro at work again.
Just need the luck for how the colour turns out.

*i love eating eggs. But I can’t eat many many eggs.*

There’s this lingering feel going on still. Hmmm.
*Waiting for it likea Barney Stilson*