I am just refusing to touch my work now because the internet sho crappyyyyyyyyyyyy. #pewpew

by limmie

Alex’s turning his back on me. Instead of facing four walls I am simply facing this one Snow White the whole day.
*BUT STILL! prays hard I don’t get to move over to Darwin’s desk when he’s gone*
He haz been bugging me for.

Noooooo I am just bored.
I have decided to do a post on Batman.

Spent the morning looking out for BKK stuffs and then taking the time to ask this colleague if what I did was good enough!

Batman’s 69 years old. He’s also called the Caped Crusader.
Robin’s Dick Grayson. THE NAME SO FAMILIAR.

Robin isn’t a partner, he’s a distraction. That’s why Batman has him wearing the bright colours.

OKAY RANDOM MUCH but I have spent 26 minutes googling fun facts about Batman.

My stomach haz been making alot of noise recently. Growling embarrassingly loudly. Trying to google a way to stop this.
*I have been relying on Google alot these few 3 weeks*

Ho! Shawn and May and others came over for lunch today. Ended up not heading to the staff canteen as planned. SORRY CALEY.  But them guys left pretty quickly. Leaving me and Alex stoning for the remaining hour. Asshole receptionist and the Wii carpeting left us stranded at the Viewing Gallery. We can really just sit there and laugh at people. Sounding so mean. But. Okay, we’ll just poke fun ABIT.

I need to go home and cut my nails.
I need a new hair colour.
And Lincoln needs a cupid.

I shall google how to find one now.