by limmie

I used to think I’m a socially awkward kid. Okay I still am right now. But I think I talk too much sometimes. Ben felt a hundred times quieter than me today. Hmmm, long ponder.

I’m soooooooo tired. I guess everyone is. #insertYouDontSay
But yes, itz irritating myself too. After the jaykay era came this you don’t say era. I ought to stop soon. And find a new word, maybe?

Pretty much in a higher mood today because one paper was cleared!

And desk buddy Alex, removing all my complaints about him right now. He actually made me a cup of Milo and offered to help me w my work. How to not be grateful?!
I was dozing off and close to not being able to finish today’s shit.

But no idea how I instantly jolted awake and did them down. I will be a better desk buddy!!

So so tired. But Ted was nice. JUST TED and Mila Kunis of course. But the movie was a little draggy soapy. And unrealistic. If only making a wish “at a correct time” was possible. And then again, one wish wouldn’t be enough for me.

Okay. Bedtime for me.
Without any Ted.