Pixie Lott really too much. Farrrrrrrrking Monday Sheet Blues.

by limmie

Jetlagged played a couple of times at work. I mentally made a note to title it up as today’s header.

Screaming inside.
F1 could have been on a better weekend. Or maybe not. I could have had better time management.
Halfway done w YY’s assignment. He nicely gave me one more day.
But then appeared C and K. Each asking me to do another research. One by Thursday. And I’m not done w that other MPA ppt. Luckily K went away. But it made me feel I had made a rejection to possible better grades. Being able to manage any work thrown to me. Not showing how I can’t fit deadlines. I can’t even show this.

I think I’m supergirl huh.
I think I am.
I’m such a Yes person until now.

THIS is how I vent. By pressing buttons. Screamed myself a third to hoarseness the past few nights. Not helping much.

Alex tries hard to make light of every situation. I’m starting to get lame and rolling my eyes. Contraction MUCH but I appreciate BUT I always fear getting to know one more friend. Pessimistic me today is simply yelling, means one more possible loss of contact in six months.
The class arranged a dinner finally this week. Happy but sad.
Sensing so much contradicting emotions running all around me.
Think already can just bring about sobs. But for sheeeeeeeet are these tear glands working?

Really. Blaming intern so much. Guessing this pile of overwhelming pressure or I don’t know to call these , was how Jeremy felt then. Never thought I would be first hand experiencing these much useless sheeeeet.

And there’s this person I get to look forward to before and after work.
And then there’s this lingering horror. Really being thissssssssssssssssss happy right now, currently,everyday.

(WordPress won’t even be able to handle my screamings, how much of that GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH can it take from me in future?)

Very much pessimism running in me today. Maybe I lack sleep.
I dare not think how I might not probably get to see this person in the very near possible future.

And then there’s D too. Hearing her troubles but not knowing any ways to make her feel better better like really better.

How much I hate getting to know everyone so well and then getting torn apart eventually. Bluddy hell sounding so drama.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That’s what ran and ran through my head yesterday.

But today itz more of, how much time heals everything. Seeing this in the pessimistic way. I don’t want to feel better if I’m gonna make anyone upset.

Guess dad and mum are a little affected too w my after poly plans. Sister don’t even like it.

Awkward moment on the bus w my leaking nose.
I need a twelve hour nap to rid of all these unhappiness and impending ones to appear.

I ought to reduce my supergirlness by half.