My eardrums hurts so bad.

by limmie

The feeling of wanting to see someone so badly. But.

Suddenly some JayChou song verse is coming into my head but I don’t the words. #okayfail

Itz TWELVE and the entire family is still sleeeeeeeping. How to go out for lunch and how am I getting to leave earlier!! Gaaaaaaah.

Finally getting to meet the botaks and ms ong. (But at an expense of a movie.) Itz like one, two months? Cannot believe I kept that a long ‘clean night sheet’?

Our favourite usual hangout. But I’m not sure our usual ‘feel’ is the same anymore. Everyone have to change.

Noooooo not being pessimistic. Change for their better. Hope WP don’t get to see me meowing over ‘feeling of different growing up stage’ again.

A dinner w fangyan and d later!
Lucky basterd went on his own because he haz free tix. MAROONFIVE TONIGHT AND WE ARE ALL EXCITED. even thinking of making some banner.  But that kind of seem cheena style, sudden after-jay-Chou-thoughts.

Feels like it haz been a night w the same ol’ diyana again! (But w more complicated big girl issues.)

TQ D. I had mild fun last night. (Super tiring but macho girl even went for camp) But fun is fun and tonight shall be even better!

Hoho see you later Jiahui! My posts all so straight-forward leh!

And this junjie. S I G H.
Ren a few more day. *attempts to send a hug over* I say see you soon means soon!

Breaking out into a song on the padang w d yesternight.
Two teenagey girls probably stuck in love.