Lalalalalala it feels like it was just yesterday we were in … AUSSIE

by limmie

Morning morning morning !

Day 9. No idea why I’m counting.
Itz 8.51 AM.

And I’m suddenly Kao-Lu-ing how I should meet the pubbers this weekend. Gonna pose a self challenge. Shall test it out then?

Staring at my emails. So this is desk bounded me day again.

This intern life is making me feel horribly lazy after work. I start sleeping early. I start watching teevees. I end up helping meimei w her work. But the brother time clashes w mine, sadly.


And wondering if I was a reason to an agitated D last night. Sadly if so.

Take things in stride and reminds self that everyone says hurtful stuff when suffering rage.

And Heehee met Mum for a few mornings already! Our hk trip plan probably might just be initialized soon!

Reminds me, I’ve neither started on the family trip nor group grad trip!

Okay two works haz arrived.
Lucky I opened my mouth to ask for a deadline push back.

Jiayou for day 9!

Fap Ben,