Occupied day, occupied mind too. #quiteahappyfaceday

by limmie

JUST read someone’s post ( Yeap I actually read then type) didn’t realise he was affected last night!

But all’s cool. Cool.
I’m excited. Dont know why. But, YAY.

Today went by pewpew fast.
7.45 till 1415 loads of food. Passed interesting ‘Directors and Managers’, some really don’t know how to act as a normal person. Cool experience w the Cargo Department!

Yeah, cab ride w Alex. He just ninja appeared out of nowhere. Really really glad itz him and not, ahem LH, here with me!
Tried many times to make me laugh and cheer me up. What a friend, a Friend U Can Keep, geddit geddit?
Horrible thing today was people coming after us for carpark coupons, GOT SO EX MEH. Neh think how it reflects on them when they pass mean sarcasm. MAYBE DIRECTORS DONT EARN BIG BUCKS AFTER ALL. So the few that we have, this Alex put it in his pocket, and acted as if he was giving these people his coupon.
Yeap, totally made everyone’s day.

Rushed back to do the stupid transcript. The video quality was sooooo sucky. Strained every single ear nerve to type out word for word. I AM ONLY DONE TILL 1.2 MINUTES. #WIN
And then 4pm came. Event number two. When Darwin leaves next week, gg good game to me.

Met jolie for dinner and Adeline stayed w me for some tauhuey. Nomnom bought some back home, this one reAlly shiok! #justsaying
Adeline iz a super caring woman. Makes life easier for me, someone who can just talk about everyday life.

Okay. 168 bluddy slow. My eyes are dead. Confirm fall sick sooner or later. I’m actually stress w work.
Block ears upon reaching home.

Good plan.