I’ve been spending all my time just thinking bout you – and UQ *inserts colbie calliet song*

by limmie

I accepted one more assignment due on Wed.
I’ve not started the one due on Fri.

I’ve been working on one since Thurs.

Ownself create stress.
I’m going to take forever.
At least this desk buddy can provide some entertainment else I know intern will be loathed.

Someone counted 21 more weeks to go? Sounds long but I don’t want this to end!

Did some digging and I got till November to apply for UQ and the scholarship. Need to continue digging for more. Need to make proper choices.

But I can’t even imagine leaving SG any time soon.

So many choices. So hard to dig out. I guess no harm applying for everything? Probably would just hurt the wallet.

Can’t believe I’m doing all these on my own. Keep wondering, what if I miscalculate and make one small wrong step?

I’m hungry.
Tried a new route home today.
Okay, currently.
Hope its worth the time.

Really need an early sleep tonight too.

Eden stop emo-ing.
Jiahui, hope you will clear your heart issues soon. πŸ™‚
Lincoln bluddy slacker.
D bluddy busygirl93- hope this weekend will be memorably good.


scroll slowly down to check. But really nothing. I THINK WORDPRESS JEALOUS I FOUND A BETTER FRIEND THEN IT.

Ben ❀ x1005, but then again itz also not enough.