Give me one more night – of sleep.

by limmie

I didn’t get to see that sunrise but the morning sun probably counts?
It was like some giant soft egg yolk wrapped around fluffy whites.

Dream big.
That’s what we are taught.
Then the teaching process stops there.
Leaving us with bigger dreams to face reality, to make our dream come alive. That’s the hard part.

Results were a little disappointing.
Did not get the straight As I felt I worked hard for.

Taking loops of buses.
Not daring to take my book out to read.

Thursday food session left me bumping into Jonathan and CW.
Itz like everyone is on a different page of their life already.
And here I am still stuck.

I whine. My head thinks too slowly.
But I hope jinghui does better in this new sem.

And last min dinner movie plan last night.. reminded of pre-ns time. Meeting them for breakfast now, there’s anticipation but. Feels like I’m the last stick in the hay that’s growing up.

Passed SAJC and thought of shimin. What if I had ended up here w her instead.
Fuck I missed my stop.

Resident evil sucked. But the companions didn’t. The entire movie lacked those zombies and WHY CAN’T THE STORY JUST END.
Funny sight seeing Lincoln and D behind sheets. And that scarier-parts-cringey Ben, FOR REAL OR NOT?
Guess he likes my toilet-bowl-soaked hands as much as I like his ‘smooth’ fingers?
Please stop stressing too much! Your frowns might stay permanent, then not cute anymore.

Dinner w Yc and Lincoln was sad then tiring then AISH I MISS THEM.
Forever goofy Yc made tags for us during intern! Lincoln looked horribly tired though.
Easiest people to talk to. Why weren’t we all better friends before ? Not too late now still! Six months to go, dreading every single countdown.

Feeling on a better page w D again. We should just find some grass, get down and roll around.
Maybe ill do the rolling, she can do the talking.

I’m probably one hour late. Arghhhhhhhh.

And this person who keeps asking me out to exercise. How do I put a capital NO with a friendzone sign?
Sounding so evil.

I’m hungry.
Wish me luck w sleepy riding later on.
Be done w the report (boo Alex sneak completed) by tomorrow!

Yesterday event sadly ended late.
I skipped the birthday awkward celebration. I actually rejected beer. Good beer.
Monday and Tuesday’s already lined up! I’m actually looking forward to work.
The fatherly irritating Alex. The lame joke kiasu Darwin. The pessimistic joker Caley. And this new shy law intern.

Interns unite! But everyone is leaving by November.

Appropriate song to be playing.
I’m only human, I’ve got a skeleton in me. Now that you’re gone, the world is ours.

Jaykay, not referring to the parentless weekend.

But badass brother alreacy haz his activity planned out today.

EXCITED FOR OUR LATE AFTNN SESSION. More fun in my life please.

May things work out.