I, I , I’m sucking like a love song babybee.

by limmie

Dad’s home. Starr’s home.
Drama haz not started yet.

How to face working back at UHL when mum interferes and calls the boss. All because of one overly concerned reason.

Them three will be afk till Sunday. Stuck at home, probably, with the brother till then. Itz ridiculous.

No mahjong khakis equates to me burning weekend doing my report. Not a bad idea, but.

Treat me likea grown up and I will grow up. Keep taking matters in your own hands, complain I’ve no guts, aissh.

Results out tomorrow. Good luck everyone. Seeing someone worry unnecessarily, I feel rather calm this time.

Maybe itz numbness in knowing I always disappoint myself. Ace the small papers and then screw the high ones.

Great PRATA Thursday. But I’m all dead now.

Hopeful for a movie Sunday outing. Miss you Botak guys + teacher too.

No choice, must sigh.
Else, how else to react?