Itz five minutes to midnight- no I haven’t stayed up this late recently!

by limmie

I ought to come up w a bucket list soon.
No idea what’s so nice to see about the Sunrise, but it have to be on that list.

Feet, dead.
Head, deader.

Good lunch today.
Very huge expo experience today.
Never knew government sector planning was bluddy tedious.
Worse, Venue searching. Lucky or not, this is the last stage, I came just in time. But I will be planning an event I don’t get to officially attend, that’s kind of sad right?

Mum texted last week. In black and white text, then she say she didn’t, that she meant sth else.
Of all times, everyone IS busy w their own work and stuff, they have to sell and bluddy sign this weekend.

How to just cancel my job when Shan confirmed w me already a few times. Kate being sick and Adrian still recovering from his surgery, HOW CAN I JUST STAY AT HOME AND NOT HELP. Worse feeling I would feel for not making me promise good.
She thinks she understand.

Then makes more noise about me meeting friends for dinner. She doesn’t bother to understand its “not just the people from Australia”.

Ridiculously getting kicked up over ridiculous matters. I could be doing my report w all the free time she has.

My laptop probably will just stay in the office. I’m getting very used to typing on the keyboard.

Okay, day four tomorrow.
Alex Darwin and this Kaylee guy is starting to make life more than bearable.
Picture this funny scenario where desk buddy and I get so bored that we keep taking turns irritating each other AND COUNTING DOWN BY THE MINUTES TO LUNCH BREAK AND SIX PM.

More walking tomorrow.
Choose my shoes wisely.

Time to reply that fag.
Aissshhhh. *insert more than smiling smiley face*

Ps. You don’t pronounce it as RUUU, it’s reebeliious with a Ree.
Cannot tank, STFU is so easy say but hard to say it out loud.
Money forever will be your issue.