The bluddy bluddy post.

by limmie

this new SNSD song reminds me of the pussycat dolls’ domination.

Where the entire album was full of emo songs. Just like this new single. Can’t tell if it is in Jap or Korean though.
All that I want to do now is plug in and blast it all out. Only that I can’t find the right song.
Pixie lott’s catching snowflakes played and it was darn bluddy sad. Now this new single popped up and it is equally darn bluddy sad.

It feels weird to say ‘a long day at work’. These two days felt short to be, but it is bluddy draining. I am looking forward to work somehow. But I am super still jet lagged. Jet lag in the sense I really am missing everyone. Talking to everyone is different from seeing them, hanging out with them.

My brain was bluddy dead that I type my awesome sherilyn password as RETREAT.

No idea why my head is stuck with that word.
Bluddy energyless- other than typing this post- that playful mum appeared and I just felt so stoned and low.
Maybe this is the low sad syndrome Jeremy suffered months ago. Feels horrible. Just plainly horrible for no reason.

Those few worrying factors and issues I have been constantly worried about don’t feel like the cause right now.

Bluddy down for no simple reason. (NOOOO Not because some staining liquid visited. But, really, heng it appeared after my beach retreat.)

SEE, unknowingly typing that bluddy RETREAT.

Sorry mum, no mood today. I will sprinkle water at you back tomorrow.
I just want to lie in bed and sleep, like that peaceful brother right now. Bluddy tired but my head refuse to retreat and back down.

This song keeps replaying. And I don’t understand a word – what logic.

“Because of the un-straight world, it seems like I’m tumbling down
You supported me Even standing on a shaking train
Your simple smile is the best”

AISH. MISSING THE SMILE. YOUR SMILE. MY SMILE. What smile came out today?

Really not feeling like me today. Wasn’t realising it until someone pointed out. (Must learn from him and keep referring me as somebody and start referring him as someone or maybe something?)

If not I would have just continued snapping my evening away. I think engage in a conversation with Alex too much. His choice of words and straight-face trolls. Even though he has been helping me… BUT.

Lunch time I probably stinked too. Noticed how Ms Supervisor glanced my way each time I stayed quiet, which was most of the time.

Infinite sad face. This down-down syndrome needs to disappear else my week is ruined.
Really ridiculous me-day.

-Stares hard at that picture of us four, smiling till our teeth can drop-  Why Sherilyn Why.

Okay, cute video link to end of my stoney post.

It IS funny. And Dave Day’s version. LOL I CANNOT. (my first wordpress LOL. )

Goodnight, getting back up tomorrow!
Resisting the urge to add one ‘<3’ everytime. Everytime.