Sherilyn, Good -so-far- JOB!

by limmie

So I took half a day to do some excel sheet(shit).

Control + F and manually scanned for duplicates.
So when I opened my mouth after some hours, wondered how I should be doing it an easier way, out popped Alex and his google. DONE. Probably took me just 20 mins to trim and remove and make everything look nice.

I thought I was done.

But Clarence came back to me and told me I had trimmed all the wrong info.
SIGH I RE-DID EVERYTHING AGAIN. Guess what. All I took was 5 minutes.

And this is how my Day 2 lasted.

Prepared 2 FB posts though. Hope it passes through!

Probable site visit tomorrow and an LJ session on Thursday and that scary competition thing on Friday.
Thankful for Alex and Darwin’s presence.

Heehee, good lunch treat today. Full with cheese.

Totally lost it after 1 week in Aussie.

BRB. Finding more things to do!