I have been dreaming far too much recently and all these daily long bus rides will probably just feed into my dreaming sessions. 2142, I cannot sleep.

by limmie

When Lincoln say “who knows eventually it will be my everything”.

This stinged more than that BLG song.

Ms Supervisor touched on a question on my future just now. I didn’t know how to response.
While this Darwin seemed to be someone sure of himself, knowing what he is doing, all confident and planned out, ready to speak out.

I am afraid to disappoint.

Cute Tok made an early weekend morning meet. Geared all my chocolates up for them. (But half of instocks are gone, deep in everyone’s at home’s stomach.)
Excited for this week to go by. Excited to see how things can turn out.

Still at a loss of what I want to do. And a letter and a text came from BBDC, very surprising coming from somewhat cheapo them. I need clear all them lessons by 5th. I can do it?

I really cannot tank a sit down job. (Neither can Alex, I have to say this again.)
Working likea crew gives me the impression I am going to waste my degree.
Working w kids would get me stuck in SG.
I even thought far off into counselling.

CAAS seems on the right track so far. Maybe sticking to this aviation industry ain’t a bad option anymore.
If only I was 9 and not 19- okay or 18.