Sleepy people that refuse to sleep really deserve … OKAY GOODNIGHT FOR REAL. TOO MUCH WORDS. TOO MUCH THOUGHTS. Day 2 – I miss Australia AND LIFE THERE.

by limmie

I KNOW I SAID I WOULD BE REPORTING TO BED. But itchy hand went to search for posts updates.

Fag had to call me a Fag but that Fag really use a sum of cheem words BUT LIKEA INAPPROPRIATELY USED LEH. #justsaying

Wondering what price I would have to pay though.

“Then we part. ” <— He really got a cute side HUH.
No idea why I always end up thinking of my future. Leading me to more stress and hardly anywhere. (Really though, this white-haired guy 740000$ is too much)

Money’s preventing me from my dream school.
I am afraid to take on Uni Life just yet. And again, would a gap year of working experience get me what I want? 4 months left to decide. I can wait.
What is Life?