My Trip Reflection. I meant every word I say, MINUS THE MR CHUNG. PFFFT. Sentosa today was so good that my energy was sucked during the bus ride home and I cannot continue constructing the previous post. Tomorrow I will complete everything AFTER staying home all day to help MeiMei with her DNT homeworkz. *insert hooray face*

by limmie

Honestly, I have been looking forward for this trip since the very first briefing. And this trip did not once fail me.

From the motel stays to transportation to activities lined up to food suggestions, I felt they were carefully planned out with careful considerations.
I am thankful to have been given this opportunity, to gain Hands On experience in Aviation Australia and have this somewhat bonding session with my classmates whom I will miss after graduation. In NP, it was all words and some pictures, theory-based modules were difficult to ace. But during this trip, all these bits and pieces of information that were once blurred in my head became a clearer picture. For example the task on using Resin, I did not expect it to be THIS tedious.
Of course, the highlight of the trip, for me at least, were the theme park weekends. And the trips to town and New Farm Park were equally enjoyable. Who knew how easy it was to simply plop onto the ground, laze around and enjoy nature? Who knew how carefree, slow-paced life could have felt even in the Town area?
This trip has been a good mix of study and play. It also gave me an idea of how life in Australia can be like since I have been considering this country to further my studies. Two weeks of Independence, of being responsible for my own meals, laundry and money. Australia has a high standard of living and I survived all the shopping sprees.
Given any chance, I would love to relive this 2 weeks all over again.
Dear Mr Chee and Mr Chung, thank you for everything.