UNDER CONSTRUCTION STILL. TEEHEE. (8/9) NO I AM ALREADY DONE. Accept this closure dammit Sherilyn (16/9)

by limmie

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I was showering and all ready to embark on my ragey posts. Seriously, how can one continue yelling at someone in the shower? Non-stop. BUT! Thanks to someone who blogged AUSSIE STUFFS THAT MADE ME STOMACH CHURN AND MISS AUSSIE SO MUCH, I change my mind.

Just the same ol’ thinking of – I won’t be such a parent to my kid. I will see them thru their working lives.

OKAY. Aussie, Let’s go, Full Story.

Yes the above meant – YAY.
(one of the very few jump shots that actually caught me in air btw!)

YESSSS, everyone was just THIS high. We shall come back to Surfer Paradise again.

Day1 – All the excited faces ready for take-off!

This was where RUFUS started, the naked mole rat. Sat with them two and ALWAYS with giggly D. She knows how much I need a hand to grab hold onto every take off and landing. Our third trip together, I am really missing her morning presence.

Oh yeah. Our lodging area. AND my roommate! The rooms – no comment. Definitely beats all the other trips’ stays. (Of course no comparisons whould be fair here!)

No, it ain’t some group cheer. It was playing Heart Attack in a crammed area with some fail smackers. #thingswedoatnight

See our smiley BUT RELUCTANT faces to leave?

I can really shop happy in a super market. One of my best shopping area.

Proof that I am not the best shopper around. GUYS. CAN. REALLY. SHOP. (Or maybe some just action carry big bags with just one small purchase inside.)

Lessons and workshops at Aviation Australia. Did NOT feel like the trip highlight though. Although HONESTLY it is the FIRST time I ever paid thisssssssssssssss much attention during practical. It really WAS a sum-up conclusion summary kind of Year 1 to 3 modules. #justsaying I am appreciative. YEAH, the last is the ‘Graduation Cap shot’.

The “EZLINK” card that we relied on for BUS TRAIN AND THE CITY CAT aka ferry.

Can identify which’s which? YESSSS love the fact that their mode of transport ain’t crowded at all!
(just one bad experience of accidentally kicking some old cranky guy that kicked me hard back.) (D went cranky here and there, SEE I can’t evade using this word)

It iz 2.23 right now and I am very sleepy. BUT, moving on! Our Industry visit to the Cabin Crew Training Area and Toll Aviation. Quite interesting crew lives, POSSIBLE BACKUP PLAN I have been toying with recently. The Toll was INFORMATIVE but however not appealing. I don’t see myself as an engineer, LEH.

Our first visit to TOWN. All so excited to shop. Super cold daily nights which I LOVELOVELOVE. Subsequent visits were focused on GOOD FISH AND CHIPS and LEPAK IN PARK MUSEUM FERRIS WHEEL BOTANIC GARDEN- which I thoroughly enjoyed SO MUCH with this trip 3 other ‘Besties’.

Cool Icecream Truck with Cool Icecream lady with Cool Icecream Outfit from hair to earrings to clothes. Gawd wonder how many such attire she haz. This probably is one of her 30?

The Fifteen Aussie Bucks was not really worth the 5 quick rounds BUT worth the ride because we took the printed pictures. WAHAHAHAHA #jaykay It was a simple good experience LOR. At least I can say, YAY I TOOK THE AUSSIE Flyer/ THE AUSSIE Eye.

This Museum was sufficiently free with little infos. Not really the museum person, but I’ll say NOT BAD LEH.
YESSS we were THIS chilled and SUPER lepak and NO STRESS NO STRESS NO STRESS!

The Parliament house which we thought was a school. Because the students there looked like they belong there. OKAY, IMO.

Love the first shot. And the last shot, YC called us ‘Decorations’ for his tree.

Chinatown reminded me of Clarke Quey and High Heelys me was luckily in an OKAY dressy attire because I was too excited to use my new pair of heels. WEIRD but again, GOOD COOL EXPERIENCE LEH. I can brag, OMG I WALKED AROUND IN THOSE PAIR OF HEELS and later ran back barefooted.
The Koreany Jappy food was good, especially that sushi named after Brisbane! NOMNOMNOM AVOCADO OVERLOAD. (Picture me having Avocado Ham breakfast everymorning and some AVOCADO HAM wrap for lunch in school and then Making Scrambled Eggs for 6 peeps on a certain morning) OKAY I AM SICK OF HAM , but the making breakfast for everyone part reminded me of home then.

It IS 245 and I am more worried about Brother’s interview later on than my bedtime. SLEEPY MUCH RIGHT NOW but I am overwhelmed with words and kns- why this trip felt like it was all a dream. Super vivid dream I guess?
Morning out at the zoo. Not a fan of reptiles, but the kangaroos that laid around slacking and the goats that entangled their head around the fences for some food, they probably did dislike me that day for poking and wanting to cuddle them. SAD FACE not the koala though! It did not get to enjoy my tttttouch.

Queensland Air Museum was O-KAY. Not the kind who remember plane names and can identify them, but seeing different types of planes was O-KAY lor.

Grill’d BESTEST burger. But horrible thing was my mouth smelth of the LAMB till the next morning. The Fries SHIOK leh. (macham advertising for Grill’d) #insertSEE, this bentoh forever spying on me. #jaykay That day he appeared ragey eh! I had my good buy of 4 bottles of beer, TEEHEE.

This post haz been filled with “Love”. This trip was really filled with loads of Love from everyone. From hearing about Mr Chee’s very considerate prescise unfailable plannings to every single second spent the moment we gathered at the airport.

OKAY, this post ain’t done.

Hope I get to go to the beach.
Heard some shuffling, think I am in trouble cause itz iz 3am and I am unstoppable.


Good afternoon, it’s almost a week later and let me continue with the FUNNER fun.

We only conquered the “Main Attraction ride”. Guess that was enough.
This REDBLUE Superman ride looked bluddy darn scary to me. I was fretting over riding this when I googled Movieworld the night before. Turns out, BABY SMALL FRY. CHEHHHH. #notbeingaction
Sadly did not roamed the entire map and get the souvenirs I was drooling after. TOO LITTLE TIME.

All the actors and models, I CANNOT STOP GIGGLING WHILE ATTEMPTING TO POSE. DK how D, May, Ben and YC can tank posing with a straight face.

No kidding, I can’t model. Look at my knees, already like this since young. And guess why I was the only kid wearing sunglasses.

The above was me in Movieworld in ’99. Can’t believe I didn’t know I celebrated my birthday in Gold Coast.
The bottom is me, an even happier person in Movieworld just two weeks ago.
I can’t find the picture with me and Lola Bunny. Feeling old again.

*dum dum dumdum dum dum dumdum* plays Space Jam tune.

Day 2 Theme Park at an additional cost, totally worth it. Less BIG SIGHTS TO SEE BUT, the rides made me grow into a braver person. HAHAHA! *side note: Seriously seeing all our group pictures, CANNOT TANK NOT SEEING THEM EVERYDAY ANYMORE*

First ride of the day, I think a couple of us was feeling bad after this. I really screamed for this ride to stop, it felt too long.
The second ride that killed a quart of us. *recalls someone ‘MILK coming out’*
Lesson of the day: Drink anything except Milk before a Theme Park.

The ride that brought ME down. Screamed for D to hug me tight with her knees. My safetybelt was uselessly valcro tape so it came out nearing the moment I reached the peak. SEE THE PICTURE CLEARLY. Really thought the metal cage might just break and snap out and send me flying out because I was holding onto it super too tightly.

Nahhhh, just slowly brought us up to the peak, heard it’s 114 stories high and then hang us up there for a few seconds to enjoy the view (to curb with our fear, we sang. YC happily sang That little Indian song) and then shot us down. We went AHHHH then Oh Okay, That’s it.
The ride that went at supersonic speed. (Okay, that’s exaggeration but it was damn fast) We zoomed all the way backwards, reached the peak, paused and then zoom all the way back into the tunnel. Six seconds it was all over. CHEHHHH really all the rides LOOK scary but the feel… YOU ONLY FEEL SCARED AT THE WAITING AREA. #reallynotaction 
The last ride that we chiong-ed for. WORTH THE ENTIRE VISIT TO THE PARK. Who would have known my feet allowed me onto this ride. BUZZSAW. The ride situated right at the entrance. Hanged upside down. Went forward and backward in rounds. I WOULD NOT MIND SITTING THIS A COUPLE OF TIMES. WHYYYYYYY WHYYYYY Did we lack time.

No we were all not this excited to leave. We just needed to board the disco bus.
Surprising, VERY Surprising TJ and LH who danced to Gangnam Style on the bus. The disco light, highly appropriate. Sherilyn approves.

Everyone looks so photogenic. I think Mr Chee is a really great cameraman. And yes, I really cannot do jumps.

A somewhat first class picture. My classmates too were great travelling companions. Got to know (and dislike some of) them even better.
I had a really happy day 3 at New Farm Park. Can really spend my whole day settling with that weather, lying on grass patches, reading book or whatever. Simple life, how do you spell stress again?
PS, Nando’s OVER rated.

Short break, my leg is screaming numb.

Side note since I can, got to know May too. At least now she’s not just the girl from T3. Nice person laa. We can high together, and the mini bonding session we had over beer. She talks easy. I like. (Probably so does, ummm Ruuuuuff. I shall stop here.)

Nomnomnom not bad fish and chips at Surfer’s paradise. OKAY, you don’t get to see the food. Wait, I try digging for a picture.
HAD to include this picture somewhere. LOOK SO EMO, and the first song I thought of was WALK AWAY.
HAHAHAHA but Noooooooooo That’s not what I will do.

Okay, MY pictures are on FB. Can I not load them up here? I even provided real-time captions on them!
Felt quite exposed for sharing my ‘kind-of inner thoughts’ on FB.
All these pictures do NOT belong to me, but since it consists of me, HEEHEE.
Photogs to thank, May Yingcong Dany and Mr Chee. They really didn’t mind spams.

Where I last spent my Aussie Currency. IM AM HUNGRY NOW.
And SAD we had to smile. The closure of our trip.
I think I am feeling the closure now, with this proper ending post.

Hell yes sad. But this trip, HOW TO EVER FORGET.
The shuttle rides to AA, the lessons that dragged, looking forward to after school activities, visit to town, Duty free shops, parks, lepaking for food around our area, shopping extensively in the supermarket, all those outings to theme parks and zoo,  the boat rides, the train ride the bus ride, the flight. And the nights of truth or dare.

What a summary.